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Absolute Pressure Gauge - Diaphragm Type :
Absolute pressure gauges are used in the measurement of pressure free from barometric variations. These gauges indicate the absolute pressure of the source. This being the case, they are suited for use at all altitudes & locations and show the actual pressure of the source. They also find applications where pressure cycles alternate with vacuum cycles. The figure below illustrates the significance of absolute pressure.


Low Pressure Gauges - Capsule Type :
Capsule Pressure Gauges are used in the measurement of extremely low pressures that cannot be measured by most other sensing elements. They find application in level measurement such as in the case of the air-purge method. They are highly sensitive and thus care should be taken to check them prior to installation. They should be handled carefully. These gauges are suited for air and gas applications. They are not recommended for liquid and vapour applications.


Chemical Seal Pressure Gauges :
Chemical Seal Gauges are used for severe applications, which require the isolation of the pressure sensing element from the process fluid. This isolation is achieved by attaching the sensing element to a chemical seal unit (CSU) which incorporates a thin diaphragm. A pressure transmitting fluid is filled in the space starting from above the diaphragm in the CSU, extending into the bourdon tube. When a pressure is applied on the diaphragm, it deflects until the pressure in the transmitting fluid balances the applied pressure. The bourdon tube thus senses the pressure of the transmitting fluid, which is equal to the applied pressure. Different CSUs are used with various transmitting fluids and assemblies, to yield chemical seals suited for different applications.

Contact Type Pressure Gauges

Contact Type Pressure Gauges :
Contact type pressure gauges are used in controlling and monitoring of pressure equipment. These gauges incorporate pressure indicators with electric contact systems. The contacts have either one or two set pointers, which traverse over the instrument's dial. The contact is actuated by a pin mounted on the indicating pointer of the instrument. The adjustment of the set pointers is achieved by means of a adjusting arm assembly on the window of the instrument. These contact systems generate ON/OFF electrical signals at certain preset pressure which can be transmitted to buzzers, alarms, control lights, motors, solenoid valves etc.

These are suitable for application in chemical plants, storage tanks, steam generators, fire hydrant systems, pneumatic transmitters etc.

Diaphragm Pressure Gauges

Diaphragm Pressure Gauges :
Diaphragm pressure gauges are used in the measurement of medium and relatively low pressures. The sensing element is a circular convoluted diaphragm made of steel. The application of pressure on this element results in its expansion, which makes the center of the element to displace linearly. This displacement is measured and used as an indicator of the pressure applied. The element can be provided with different material protection, to suit different applications. The process fluid is in full contact with the sensing element and thus there is little chance of choking of the pressure element. These gauges are available in various assemblies to suite various applications. These gauges are suitable for applications where:

ENVIRO Pressure Indicator

ENVIRO Pressure Indicator :
The ENVIRO pressure indictor is essentially an instrument, which indicates the pressure of the environment within which it is kept. This is not possible with a regular bourdon or diaphragm type pressure gauge or indicator. The standard pressure sensor has been modified to a uniquely designed sensor assembly, for this specific purpose. The instrument does not feature any process connection, as it is allows the surrounding atmosphere to enter the sensing chamber through small ports on the surface. This instrument is usually surface (wall) mounted, or flush mounted in a panel.
This instrument is ideal for pressure indication within compression chambers, pressurised vessels, depressurisation chambers, for depth measurement in deepsea dives, and for pressure indication within submarine compartments. Smaller dial sizes are also available for handy pressure measurement by deep-mine workers and other individuals working at elevated or lowered pressure environments.

These instruments have been successfully used for submarine and de-pressurisation applications. Calibration of this instrument is performed in a special purpose pressure chamber, designed and developed at Senso / H.Guru South.

Special grade materials for sensor assemblies are available for marine environments.

This instrument is ideally suited for naval applications, as it does not require any external power source for indication, and can flexibly mounted (or moved) with the vessel. Further, special features such as photo luminescent dials for readability in the dark, and maximum indication pointer, which indicates the maximum recorded pressure since its last reset, are ideal for marine and naval requirements.

Pressure Snubber

Pressure Snubber :
Pressure snubbers provide protection for gauges against pressure pulsation and sudden changes of pressure by throttling the inlet. They are for use with pressure gauges on hydraulic and pneumatic lines. The throttling effect can be adjusted using an adjustment nut provided on the body.


Manifold :
These accessories are used in conjuncture with differential pressure gauges. These are used to interconnect the two inlets of a Differential Pressure Gauge with a controlling valve. The manifold in addition to allowing the instrument to operate normally, allows the following: Checking of gauge zero at line pressure. Complete isolation of the instrument. Depressurisation of the instrument or controlled purging of the instrument by removing the plugs at the back. Dampening of pressure pulsation and surges.

Test Pressure Gauges

Test Pressure Gauges :
H.Guru South Test Pressure Gauges are used in applications where high accuracy and repeatability are imperative. They are designed for use in laboratories, instrument testing & calibration facilities and in scientific applications. These instruments are highly dependable and have been used in critical applications.

Utility Pressure Gauges

Utility Pressure Gauges :
The 'Utility' range of H.Guru South is suitable for most process industrial application. These gauges have been designed for safe and economical pressure measurement.

Pressure switch dealers & Pressure gauge dealers in India

In order to fulfill the ever rising requirements of our customers, we have been involved in providing a quality array of Pressure switch dealers in India. Our switches are manufactured with the use of optimum-grade raw material and latest machines. Under the supervision of our experienced professionals, these switches are dealer are in line with the international quality standards. Some other features of these products are listed below:


  Accurate dimension
  High performance
  Excellent durability

We are an unparalleled name, engaged in offering a premium quality range of Pressure Gauge. The offered gauge is used in industrial process system to measure the pressure of air, water and gas. This gauge is designed and manufactured in adherence with set industry norms using high grade components and other allied material. Furthermore, this gauge is tested on various parameters by our skilled quality analysts. We offer this gauge in different specification at market leading price.


  Perfect finish
  Rugged construction
  Corrosion resistance

Our valued customers can avail the finest range of Differential Pressure Switch in different sizes and specifications as per their requirements. Fabricated by making use of supreme quality required basic material these products hold several attributes such as longer serviceability and performance. Furthermore, these offered products are used to monitor filter, fan, fire damper or air flow status of air handling systems. We are trusted name of Differential pressure switch dealers in India.

A Differential Pressure Switch is an instrument that converts a differential pressure change between two systems to an electrical function. When the pressure in one of two systems increases or decreases to a set differential point relative to the other, the electrical state of the differential pressure switch changes, on to off and/or off to on . We are the reliable Differential pressure switches dealers in India. They are widely used throughout many industries and applications including.


  Oil Filters
  Transmission Filter Heads
  Fuel Cells